Hi Friends, Yesterday I had a fun gig up in Peekskill, NY at the Beanrunner Cafe. I played a set in front of  my friend, the very talented Arlon Bennett. As Mike and I launched into our  first song a little girl got up and danced. Danced and Danced. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten her name.… Read More

You can now download each record – Chasing Stars and One More Midnight – in their entirety at my CdBaby page. What you get: MP3 files, one per-song, for easy use in any computer, iPod, or MP3 player JPG of the album cover Text file full of info from that album’s page: song titles, notes,… Read More

Here we are with 12 songs I feel very strongly about. “North” and “Full Moon In Her Eyes” are leftovers from my Big Happy Crowd days with Rich Grula. We started writing together at the end of 1992 (I think) and the next thing you know we’re performing together. Sitting in on each other’s gigs.… Read More