Hi friends, I’m slowly recovering from NERFA 2014. I had a wonderful time listening, hosting and performing. I’m still tired but I’m jazzed up about writing, performing, and all that goes with it. Chris LaVancher and I hosted a guerrilla showcase room: Suds and Songwriters Exchange. We went home with more beer then what we… Read More

Hi Friends, Man I haven’t been working my site. 2014 started out rockin’. Then there was some snow shoveling with slippers on. I think that was my mistake. It’s July for heaven’s sake and I’m still complaining about Winter. What I’m saying is I haven’t been out playing. Until recently… Played last night in Lambertville,… Read More

Hi Friends: I know I’m late to the party: Happy New Year to you all. I’ve updated my calendar at www.johnsonntag.com/tour finally. You’ll see I’m still giggin’ with Alon Bennett. Man, we’ve been at it now for seven years! It’s been so much fun. This year’s gonna rock for sure. Also I’ll be catching up… Read More

Hi Friends, I just got word that the cable show I taped on Jan. 14th in MA is up. The Show: “The Song” is hosted and produced by Mary Wheelan. We had fun doing it. Watch Mary’s eyes closely. I’m doing my best to make her laugh. Check it out: Frontier Community Access Television: http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=T01668&video=141872… Read More

Hi Friends, Yesterday I had a fun gig up in Peekskill, NY at the Beanrunner Cafe. I played a set in front of  my friend, the very talented Arlon Bennett. As Mike and I launched into our  first song a little girl got up and danced. Danced and Danced. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten her name.… Read More