Here we are with 12 songs I feel very strongly about. “North” and “Full Moon In Her Eyes” are leftovers from my Big Happy Crowd days with Rich Grula. We started writing together at the end of 1992 (I think) and the next thing you know we’re performing together. Sitting in on each other’s gigs. So much fun was had that Rich decided to give us a name and the rest is of course – Hoboken lore. Richs’ song “One Whole Day’ has always been a favorite of mine and I got his blessing to cover it as long as I didn’t double up the chorus, have long instrumental solos, sing harmony all over it and use really loud amplification . . . and on and on he went. Ah, I’m just teasing. He really likes this version.

Another Hoboken name is Don Brody. He was my mentor when I came to Hoboken at the end of the 80’s. I learned from him how to work a room. He’s the only guy I know who could part the crowd in a club like Moses parting the waters. He had such a personality on and off stage. Don passed away in 1997. But not before he left us with some great songs. I used to hear “Four Blocks Over” performed by his duo The Marys. That was Don and Connie Sharar – A dyno duo of fun harmonies and banter. I’ve always wanted to cover this tune. Don’s wife Cheryl thought it was a good idea too.

The rest of the songs have been around for quite some time. “Waitin’ On Time,” “Buster In The Back Yard,” “Chasing Stars,” “Hey Lou,” “I’m On The East Side” are all Hoboken songs. They’re sights and sounds taken from a day on the sidewalk or night living next to a dance club. “East Side” comes from actually hanging out at the Sidewalk Cafe. “Count To Ten” and “Night After Night” pretty much explain themselves.

“Black Suit” is the newest of the songs on this record. I lost count of how many times I rewrote this. Tried to get Rich Grula involved but he claims he’s an audience participant now. He worries that he might be too loud. This is a true Hoboken song inspired by a conversation I had with my good friend Lou on Washington Street.

Have already started writing for the next album. Boy what’s gotten into me?

Look for the new tour dates. Gigs are updated about once a week now.

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