Elevator Pitch

Roadwise singer-songwriter with a voice from heaven and a soundtrack of groove and grit.

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Jane’s Joint NERFA 2012 Songwriting Competition
– Song: Radio Song.

Black Potatoe Music Festival Sampler 2006
– Song: Chasing Stars

First Mayday Art and Music Fest. Sampler 2004
– Song: Hey Lou

Fast Folk Magazine (FF701, Vol. 7, No. 1. April 1993)
– Song: Daddy Turned Grey

Artists Covering John

“All I Want to Do Is Dance”
Performed by: Margo Hennebach (Prime CD recording artist), and Kathleen Stieffel (MCA recording artist); Recorded by: Naked Blue in 2000 on their Bluetick release Thursday, October 21.

“One More Midnight”
Performed by: Kathleen Stieffel, Naked Blue

“Tied to a Tumbleweed”
Recorded by: Esther on her 2001 release Eve’s Lament.

Selected Production Credits

  • 2020: Kora Feder – Maybe It’s You (single)
  • 2016: Andrew Dunn- The House Above The Factory (with Andrew Dunn)
  • 2013: John Flynn – Heading For The Sun 
  • 2013: Arlon Bennett – World Of Possibility
  • 2012: John Flynn – Khrismas Cool – single for Lambertville’s Historical Society compilation cd.
  • 2012: Jason Bonthron – Cyclops
  • 2006: John Sonntag – Chasing Stars
  • 2004: Ansel Matthews – Raised from the Dust
  • 2001: Esther – Eve’s Lament
  • 1996: John Sonntag – One More Midnight  (With James Mastro and Bob Harris)

Selected Recording Credits

  • 2020: Kora Feder: Maybe It’s You (single)- acoustic guitar
  • 2017: Austin MacRae: Keeper – acoustic, electric, baratone guitars. dobro
  • 2017: Chris LaVancher: Big Fat Love – acoustic guitar. dobro
  • 2017: Folkapotamus: Middle of Nowhere – guitar and dobro
  • 2013:  Arlon Bennett:  World Of Possibility – all kinds of guitars, bass, piano, vocals
  • 2013: John Flynn: Heading For The Sun – 6 & 12 string electric guitars, EBow. bass, vocals
  • 2002: Mary Ann Farley: My Life of Crime (Powder Burn Records) –  electric guitars
  • 2001: Esther Freeman: Eve’s Lament -acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, harmonica, backing vocals and keyboards
  • 1997: Rich Grula: Big Happy Crowd’s Folk and Feedback (Zesty Records) -mandolin, harmonica, electric guitar, and backing vocals
  • 1996: Mary Ann Farley: Daddy’s Little Girl (Deko Records) – guitars and harmonica