Hi all,

November is a busy month with a big music conference at hand. I’m attending NERFA once again.

Below is my guerrilla showcase schedule. My goal this year is to find a booking agent.

Not only do I have my own showcases, I’ll be sitting in with:

*Austin MacRae: Thursday night for the DJ Showcase. Plus I’ll be doing most, if not all his guerrilla showcases. He and I were winners of the Turtle Hill Folk Festival’s “New Voices Emerging Showcase Artist. Jeffrey Peppers Rogers and Wendy Sassafras Ramsay were the other winners as well.

Jane Fallon Friday Late night at Jane’s Joint. 11:45- 12:15
Meg Braun: Friday Late night 1:45 – 2:15 AM.
-Helping out a fine singer/songwriter who broke her left hand, of all things. Playing guitar for her.

Really excited about going this year.




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