Hi Friends,

Yesterday I had a fun gig up in Peekskill, NY at the Beanrunner Cafe.
I played a set in front of  my friend, the very talented Arlon Bennett.
As Mike and I launched into our  first song a little girl got up and danced.
Danced and Danced. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten her name. She’s 4 or 5 years old.

She had a squinkie (?)  toy. A very tiny Dalmatian. The name? Fire Dog!
I attempted a number of times to come up with a tune with Fire Dog in it.
I didn’t do very well… but was able to got her in my own songs here and there. On the way home it hit me:

Fire Dog, Fire Dog
Come home with me
we’ll play house, we’ll play tag
I’ll make us tea
Fire Dog Fire Dog
Won’t you come home with me


After about my 4th song we sang the little girl’s favorite song: The Alphabet Song.
The whole room sang.
It was lovely.


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