Hi everyone

I am so pleased and honored to announce I am finalist in the 2017 Philadelphia Songwriters Project Contest.

There are 10 finalist to perform live at the Ardmore Music Hall on May 21st.  There will be four winners announce at the end of the performance. Those four winner wills go on to perform throughout the Philly Metro area at various venues and festivals. It’s all so exciting.

finalist announced: www.phillysongwriters.com/psp-wordpress/?page_id=1938

Ticket information: http://www.phillysongwriters.com/psp-wordpress/?page_id=1954

I sure could use your support in this adventure. It would be wonderful if you could come to the show and VOTE. Yes it’s true. Not only do you get to hear the finest in songwriting around but you can help select the Four that will go on and have a fantastic summer touring. I sure would like that opportunity. Help me get there – Thanks

The songs I submitted that had a topical approach is a co-write with my high school buddy Don Altman: When We Are Beautiful:
The 2nd song I entered was  Every Day I Get Up. You can find these songs on soundcloud. I recently opened an account there.
www.soundcloud.com/johnsonntag.  You’ll also find a version of Wiffle Ball and Radio Song there.

*WIFFLE (T) is a federally registered trademark of The Wiffle Ball, Inc

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