Hi all.

Thanks for stopping by. 2016 was a pretty darn good year musically.  Did a nice number of gigs of my own. Met lots a new people and made many new friends.  Plus settled down enough to get working on my long over due new record.

Fun News: I’m in a new band! I’ve become one of the guitarist for Jesse Elliott. Fun material plus he likes to gig a lot so I’ll be out and about quite a bit with this band.

Meeting up with Austin MacRae in Florida for the South Florida Folk Festival Jan., 28, 29th. He’s got a showcase slot and I’ll be his sideman. There’s talk we may even do some recording together.

Arlon Bennett is continuing work on a new record. I’ve been assisting him on getting the new material pulled together. Good stuff on the horizon for Arlon.

I’ve updated my Tour Calendar recently. Check it out and hopefully I’ll see you at show.

More to come in 2017

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