Chasing Stars
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John Sonntag’s dreamy folk music on Chasing Stars results in pretty, melancholy melodies (“Count to Ten”) and breezy folk-pop punctuated by slide guitar (“Waitin on Time”). Whether showing influences from country or rock, the superior songcraft and crisp production of Stars allows every rootsy beat, pluck and pick to resonate.
– – Joe Student, PhillyEDGE Editor

Bob Makin’s top 10 releases by New Jersey artists:
1) My Chemical Romance, “The Black Parade”, 2) Bruce Springsteen, “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions” 3) Railroad Earth, “Elko” 4) John Sonntag, “Chasing Stars” 5) Thursday, “A City By the Light Divided” 6) The Early November, “The Mother, the Mechanic and the Path” 7) Robert Randolph & the Family Band, “Colorblind” 8) Mister Neutron, “Red Triangle” 9) Thomas Mack, “Weekend Sessions” 10) Kathy Phillips, “Carries You Away”
– – Bob Makin, Courier News Entertainment Editor

A mix of the mellow, melodic voice of James Taylor, the meaty slices of life of John Gorka and the exceptional guitar playing of John Mayer, Sonntag is an extremely talented contributor to Central Jersey’s plentiful stable of singer-songwriters.
– – Bob Makin, Courier News

As a DJ for a progressive Community radio station, I get sent a lot of solicited and unsolicited music and my heartfelt appreciation goes out to every musician who’s poured their heart and soul into their craft. Fortunately some of this music, like John Sonntag’s “Chasing Stars”, is head and shoulders above the rest. Wow, what a killer CD!
– – Mark Ostrov, DJ –
KVMR-FM, Navada City, CA

I’ve been listening to John Sonntag’s Chasing Stars for a couple of weeks now, and this disc has sure grown on me. It took me a few listens, each time finding another nifty instrumental touch or lyrical twist… Chasing Stars is crisp and clean, like a late fall afternoon. It’s well worth a listen …
–Chip Withrow

John writes compelling easy-going folk pop tunes. Despite living in the Garden State he writes some of the best Americana songs you’ll hear. Boasting vocal harmonies just this side of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, “Chasing Stars” is easily one of the better entries in the world of AAA this year. Check out this superb singer/songwriter now!
– – J-Sin Smother Magazine

This CD is riveting from start to finish, it is filled with light yet layered instrumentation, interesting lyrics and expressive vocals. Chasing Stars proves that John Sonntag has star potential!
– – Laura Turner Lynch

A pinch of Jackson Browne and a sliver of Joni Mitchell with the essence of Hoboken and an original fully rich life of living and music and music and living are what make this album a really enjoyable listening experience.
– – Eddie Skuller

Every song opens up with a beautiful sound that makes you want to listen for what’s coming. …I liked the whole thing.
– – The Cucumbers

CD is amazing! Whole thing sounds wonderful, John. Beautiful job!
– – Mary Ann Farley