Hi friends,

I appreciate you stopping by to see what’s gong on. I’ve been busy since the beginning of the year playing in the Jesse Elliot and  the Falconaires band. He likes to play out and that’s all right. I get to plug into and amp and turn up. It’s been fun.

Have a lot happening on my own as well. I’ve updated my tour page. You should check it regularly for new dates keep getting added. I’m enjoying the live performances and meeting so many new people.

While on the road I’ll be catching up to Austin MacRae in Ithaca, NY,  to do some recording with him.
Also catching up with Chris LaVancher to do some recording with him up in Boston. Also, out of MA,  Folkapotamus has reached out to have me do some recording with them. It’s all very exciting.


My recording is moving slowly but surely. Hope to wrap it up soon. Keep you posted on that front. I have some wonderful guest appearing on it. David Anthony, Bob Harris, Barry Hartglass, Dave Haneman and I hope more.

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