Hi all. Thanks for stopping by. 2016 was a pretty darn good year musically.  Did a nice number of gigs of my own. Met lots a new people and made many new friends.  Plus settled down enough to get working on my long over due new record. Fun News: I’m in a new band! I’ve… Read More

Hi all, November is a busy month with a big music conference at hand. I’m attending NERFA once again. Below is my guerrilla showcase schedule. My goal this year is to find a booking agent. Not only do I have my own showcases, I’ll be sitting in with: *Austin MacRae: Thursday night for the DJ… Read More

Hi folks, Been busy here recording my new record. Yup, It’s true, new record on the way. 2016 I got out of the house a bit and played the new tunes and got wonderful feed back. At the beginning of Oct.  I stopped in to see an old friend of mine, Mary Wheelan. She has a… Read More

Hello friends, I will be performing at the Turtle Hill Music Festival on Sept. 10th. I’m performing as one of three winners of the New Voices Emerging Artist Showcase. The festival runs from September 9-11. And takes place at the Rotary Sunshine Campus, 809 Five Points Rd., Rush, NY about 30 minutes south of Rochester,… Read More

Hi Friends The Turtle Hill Folk Fest which takes place Sept. 9, 10, and 11th this year, has announced the winners of the New Voices Emerging Artists Showcase: Very pleased and excited to say I made it this year. The Line up (Performance order not established yet) Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers and Wendy Ramsay Austin McCrae and… Read More