Hi friends,
I’m slowly recovering from NERFA 2014. I had a wonderful time listening, hosting and performing.
I’m still tired but I’m jazzed up about writing, performing, and all that goes with it.

Chris LaVancher and I hosted a guerrilla showcase room: Suds and Songwriters Exchange. We went home with more beer then what we arrived with. We learned a lesson for sure.

Some of the highlights for us (in no certain order) were having Vance Gilbert, The YaYas, Danielle Miraglia Jesse Terry, Freebo, The Boxcar Lilies and Aaron Nathans play our room.

A host of friends played along too (not that the folks above aren’t our friends):
Hugh O’Doherty, Mark Stepakoff, Heather Pierson Trio, Kim Jennings, Folkapotamus with Jackie Damsky, Chuck Williams, Don White, Mike Laureanno, Beth DeSombre and Tom From Nyack.

And with all that Chris played a couple sets in which I played in support. I also got in on the action doing my own thing.

Fun stuff that happened:
Invites to sit in with Steve Chizmadia, The Boxcar Lilies, Phil Henry and Vance Gilbert. I had a spot with M.R. Poulopoulos in which we jammed on each others tunes. Love when that happens. Aaron Nathans was kind enough to allow me to play on his tunes during our set together. He got fired up and pulled out a song he didn’t plan on so I could stretch a bit. That was fun and furious. Later he admitted to having ingested Red Bull. :-)

Shout outs to Michael Kornfeld for inviting me to play his AcousticMusicScene. My fellow performers who rocked the room with me were Kathy Moser, Christine DeLeon, and Loretta Hagen.
Susie Markland for inviting me to play her Susie’s House Concert. It was a great time.

That’s all for now friends.
All the best

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