Hi Friends,

Man I haven’t been working my site. 2014 started out rockin’. Then there was some snow shoveling with slippers on.
I think that was my mistake. It’s July for heaven’s sake and I’m still complaining about Winter.
What I’m saying is I haven’t been out playing. Until recently…

Played last night in Lambertville, NJ in a pick up style kind of gig. Sat in with some local favorites stretching out on slide guitar and such.
My gig before this was June playing Club Passim with Chris LaVancher. Before that was a gig with Arlon Bennett the first week of March.
You get the idea, not out so much….

Well last night was a warm up of sorts. This weekend – August 1st, I’ll be playing once again for Chris LaVancher at The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
Chris has been chosen to perform in the “Emerging Artist Showcase.” I’m very excited indeed. I hope this is a sign of better things to come… .. . See you at Falcon Ridge.

PS: a shout out to Mark Toman and his family for making sure I get to the festival. They are kind enough to give me a ride up.

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